Train Your Employees to Avoid the “Fatal Four”, Protect Your Company and Improve Employee Safety

For the second year in a row, more than 40,000 people died in car crashes – the steepest two-year increase in over 50 years.

Don’t wait for the first incident to begin a defensive driving training program for all employees. Decide today to train your employees and protect your most valuable assets – your people and your company. Train employees on driver safety, and implement the H&RS defensive driving safety program.

Now is the time to train your employees about road safety, to improve their defensive driving skills – for safer commuting and driving for work.

For your employees, a motor vehicle incident can have far-reaching effects on their life and family. For your organization, one serious injury or fatality can have a terrible impact on your business operations and bottom line.

The Fatal Four driving behaviors that have a direct effect on employer healthcare costs - Speeding, Distracted Driving, Drinking and Driving, Seat Belts.

Employers pay for crashes that happen both on and off  the job.

In their report COST OF MOTOR VEHICLE CRASHES TO EMPLOYERS—2015™ the Network of Employers for Traffic Safety (NETS) concludes that traffic crashes cost employers $47.4 billion in direct crash-related expenses which include medical care, liability, lost productivity and property damage.

  1. Train your employees and remind them about safe driving practices
  2. Answer the question: “What are the fatal four?”
  3. Establish a driver policy to ban texting and driving for all employees
  4. Restrict the use of cell phones while driving (hands free option if needed)
  5. Reduce organizational exposure to negligence claims related to car crashes
  6. Reduce distracted driving and help prevent motor vehicle crashes

Motivate your employees to be safe and responsible drivers – because so much depends on the decisions they make while on the road.

Train your employees to reduce the Healthcare Costs of Employee Auto Crashes

A new study says crashes caused by distracted driving tend to be more severe than others, raises the odds that a crash will cause severe injury or death, compared with other crashes, particularly if those distraction-related crashes involve rear-end collisions or occur in work zones or on interstate highways.

Our Health and Road Safety – HR safety training program is designed to significantly improve employee driving safety when they commute each day, by directly addressing (and correcting) the “fatal four” leading causes of traffic crashes.


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