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Driver Safety Programs for Businesses of Any Size

Driver risk assessments and risk mitigation, all in one easy solution.

Drivers make over 200 decisions per mile. The Hazard Perception Evaluation is a predictive risk assessment tool that is proven to predict the traffic hazard identification decision-making ability of individual drivers.

Your employees deserve the world’s best safety program.

We have licensed the best-of-breed “big fleet” online driver safety training technologies and have packaged them in a way that fits your business with any mix of vehicle types. BrightFleet programs are tailored to meet your fleet’s specific needs.

Cut your collision rate by 30-40% in the first year of implementation.

Would you like to be in control of reducing the number of collisions rather than managing accidents? Even if you already have a training program in place, adding BrightFleet can reduce your fleet’s APMM/K by 30% to 40% or more.

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“What I like about BrightFleet is that the sky’s the limit. You guys can do anything.”

– Bryan K.
Fleet Services Manager

Acorn Stairlifts Inc.

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