5-Star Rideshare™ Driver Training (5 Course Bundle)



In this course, you will learn about:

  1. Defensive Driving,
  2. Conflict Resolution,
  3. Disability Awareness and Wheelchair Accessibility,
  4. Personal Safety,
  5. Emergency Protocols.

Price is per-student or per-driver

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Are you a Driver for UberLyft, or any other Ridesharing Platform?

We have created a 5 Star Rideshare™ Driver Training course to assist Drivers and Riders when it comes to Defensive Driving, Conflict ResolutionDisability Awareness and Wheelchair AccessibilityPersonal Safety, and Emergency Protocols. As independent contractors, drivers do not receive any training when it comes to being prepared and handling difficult situations on the road. We want to make sure drivers receive the attention and care they need to be safe and successful as a ride-share driver.

Successful students are awarded a printable “BrightFleet Certificate of Completion” that can be used as proof of completion of each course. During training, students also achieve badges which are awarded as certain milestones are completed.

Group Leaders are able to pull a variety of reports on their students to monitor progress and ensure compliance with the safety program goals. Your student data can be exported for offline reporting needs at any time.

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