Health and Road Safety™ Driver Training (4 Course Bundle)

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The Health and Road Safety Program (H&RS) is designed to significantly reduce the risks for employees who commute each day for work. The aim of the H&RS is to develop a competent driver who is fully engaged in the act of driving safely and responsibly.

  1. Speeding and Aggressive Behavior
  2. Drinking and Driving
  3. Seat Belt Use
  4. Avoiding Distractions

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Don’t wait for a car crash to begin driver training for all of your people. Protect your most valuable assets – your employees and your company.

For your employees, a motor vehicle incident can have far-reaching effects on their life and family. For your organization, one serious injury or fatality can have a terrible impact on your business operations and bottom line.

Motor vehicle deaths continue to remain at an all-time high. For the second year in a row, the National Safety Council reports more than 40,000 people died in motor vehicle crashes – the steepest two-year increase in over 50 years. Crashes during commutes have far-reaching financial and emotional effects on employees, their coworkers and families, as well as your bottom line.

Our Health and Road Safety driver safety training forms the cornerstone of a program designed to significantly reduce the risks faced by employees when they commute each day. This program contains (4) different courses, each focused on a key area of risk. Each course is designed to take a student about 20 minutes to complete, and they can be assigned all at once for new hire on-boarding and training. We can also schedule assignments over time, reminding your people that safety is a year-round priority at your organization.

The purpose of H&RS is to directly address the “fatal four” most harmful causes of death and injury on our roads:

– Speeding and Aggressive Behavior – Our most popular course – your employees learn about the dangers of speeding and aggressive behavior.

– Drinking and Driving – In this course, your employees will learn how alcohol affects the mental & physical abilities and the laws governing its use.

– Seat Belt Use – In this course, your employees will learn the dangers and risks of improper and non-seat belt use, along with tips to remember to buckle up.

– Distractions – In this course, your employees will learn the causes and basics of distractions, dangers and risks of the distracted driver, efforts to address the problem, and tips to avoid unnecessary distractions.

Our program covers all of these topics with engaging and modern training techniques designed specifically for adults, to provide important reminders and reinforcement of safer driving techniques, as well as address a decidedly modern problem on our roads – the danger of driving distracted.

Successful students are awarded a printable “BrightFleet Certificate of Completion” that can be used as proof of completion of each course. During training, students also achieve badges which are awarded as certain milestones are completed.

Group Leaders are able to pull a variety of reports on their students to monitor progress and ensure compliance with the safety program goals. Your student data can be exported for offline reporting needs at any time.



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