Employee Commuting Safety has a Direct Affect on Employer Heath-Care and Insurance Costs

Employer health-care spending for car crashes was nearly $14 billion in 2013, including insurance costs. Another $13 billion was spent on sick leave and life and disability insurance for crash victims. Driver safety programs are an alternative to reduce these costs without reducing employee benefits.

Many HR health and wellness programs neglect the most dangerous thing employees do every day: commuting to and from work. Implementing a proactive traffic safety program is one of the best ways to control costs from off-hours employee vehicle crashes.

Each Day Starts and Ends With a Commute

(From the Video Above)
Each day starts with a new promise. Full of opportunity to grow your business. To thrive.
Each day starts and ends with a commute.
The people who drive your business, first drive to work.
In some ways these days are all the same. Familiar. Everything moving smoothly.
Until the unexpected happens.

Each year hundreds of thousands of employees are injured or killed commuting to and from work, costing employers billions of dollars, destroying families, affecting co-workers, and your customers.

What will it cost your business if this chair remained empty for a week? For a month? Forever?

Remind Your Employees to:

  1. Always drive a safe speed
  2. Put down and ignore your phone
  3. Wear your seatbelt
  4. Never drive after drinking

It you need help doing this, please contact us today. (See below).

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