Vehicle Policy Testing 2017-11-22T15:46:31+00:00

Do your drivers really understand your vehicle policy?

You may have a comprehensive written vehicle policy, but do your drivers really understand it? Consider two U.S. Department of Education studies (1992, 2003) indicating that 33% of adults have only basic or below basic abilities to perform simple and everyday literacy activities.

BrightFleet can take your companies written vehicle policy and convert it into a custom-built training module that drivers can be tested on. As part of completing the module, drivers are asked to acknowledge that they have read and understand the policy and this information is stored for future reference.

BrightFleet writes 30 questions pertaining to the policy that are approved by the client. The system randomly pulls 10 questions from the pool of 30 and presents them to the drivers in a multiple-choice quiz format. The pass rate is set at 100% for this lesson, which covers the core aspects of the policy in detail.

Administrators can use the system’s full reporting capabilities to generate management summaries regarding the policy module, like any other module. Implementing mandatory policy testing is an excellent way to ensure your entire fleet understands the organization?s fleet policy and procedures.

Key Benefits

  • Eliminates a major portion of fleet risk for clients by ensuring that all drivers have read and understood the vehicle policy as set forth by the client
  • Reduces the company’s accident costs and liability exposure for their fleet
  • Protects against negligent entrustment claims
  • Extremely cost effective risk mitigation solution