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Driver risk assessments and risk mitigation, all in one easy solution.

Drivers make over 200 decisions per mile. The Hazard Perception Evaluation is a predictive risk assessment tool that is proven to predict the traffic hazard identification decision-making ability of individual drivers.

Your employees deserve the world’s best safety program.

We have licensed the best-of-breed “big fleet” online driver safety training technologies and have packaged them in a way that fits your business with any mix of vehicle types. BrightFleet programs are tailored to meet your fleet’s specific needs.

Cut your collision rate by 30-40% in the first year of implementation.

Would you like to be in control of reducing the number of collisions rather than managing accidents? Even if you already have a training program in place, adding BrightFleet can reduce your fleet’s APMM/K by 30% to 40% or more.

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