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  • (Please Note: This post was originally published with a few errors. Mr. Payette was kind enough to correct my mistakes with an email. This version contains those corrections and some additional detail that he added.) I was on my way home from the NSC Congress in Orlando, driving up I-4 when I passed another Staples truck driving in the slow lane at a cool 60 miles per hour. I've been involved in eco-driving practice and research since 2006, so I had long kept an eye on the Staples trucks, with the "My Max Speed is 60″ sign on the back. I had always admired the company for making such a simple fuel saving change in such a conspicuous way. As

    Dec 18,
    - by Michael
  • Last week there was a minor buzz about a story suggesting a relationship between politics and traffic deaths. The article identifies the 10 states with the highest number of traffic fatalities per 100,000 residents supported Romney in the last election, and the states with the fewest number of traffic accidents per 100,000 residents supported Obama. To an extent that mystifies safety experts and other observers, federal statistics show that people in red states are more likely to die in road crashes. The least deadly states - those with the fewest crash deaths per 100,000 people -- overwhelmingly are blue. Take a look at the federal statistics and cross-reference a map of the recent election, and you'll find that the correlation

    Nov 24,
    - by Michael
  • Dale Sommers, aka: the Truckin' Bozo, died way back on August 24, 2012. I read about it in the October issue of Land Line Magazine. I've been meaning to post a simple message of respect since then, and then life got in the way. I really don't know Dale beyond listening to him on Sirius XM "Road Dog" off and on for the last few years. He was a funny and sometimes cantankerous old-timer who seemed to know something about something most of the time. He loved trucking and truckers, and talking to truckers about anything you could think of. He called his lovely wife Lumpy, was a lifetime member of OOIDA, and always seemed to be having a second

    Nov 06,
    - by Michael
  • I'll be blogging the latest and most interesting fleet-related safety topics from the 2012 National Safety Congress in Orlando, Florida. My initial itinerary includes both "Using Data Analytics to Predict and Prevent Workplace Injuries", "Distracted Driving: A Fresh Perspective", and "Beyond Fleet Safety, Practical Tools and Tips". I've arranged several interviews with leaders in fleet safety, insurance, and risk reduction strategy. Watch this space for updates over the next few days, and watch our twitter account@bright_fleet for a live feed during the event. --- Update: Was not twittering yesterday - sorry about that, there was too much going on. Some topic to look forward to in the next few days: Beyond Fleet Safety - a case study on one fleet

    Oct 21,
    - by Michael
  • Road fatalities have dropped by 26% in the period between 2005 and 2011, but recent data show an increase in fatalities (up 13% in 2012), and predictions that this trend will continue to climb. According to a new analysis by Michael Sivak (.pdf) at the university of Michigan Transportation Research Institute, there are many contributing factors attributable to the 2005 - 2011 decline; including safer cars with airbags and stability control, graduated driver licensing programs, and effective legislation. But there is another factor that may be the biggest cause of change for road safety - the general economy. During the recession the number of miles driven has declined. But it's not just the number of miles driven that has changed,

    Oct 03,
    - by Michael

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