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  • Florida has implemented CTSTs, or Community Traffic Safety Teams, to help solve traffic safety issues. These teams are comprised of highway safety advocates, and these groups work to solve local traffic concerns that include drivers, roads, and automobiles. Ultimately, CTSTs want to reduce the number of auto accidents and decrease the severity of these crashes. These teams are in place across the state of Florida, and they all belong to the CTST Coalition. Each quarter, this organization meets to share knowledge, statistics, and successes. All of the CTSTs are part of the Community Traffic State Program, which was created after federal legislation recommended a more localized response to finding solutions for auto accidents and the accidents and deaths that occur

    Sep 23,
    - by Michael
  • Despite safer vehicles and tighter laws, American roads are still dangerous. In 2014, 32,675 people were killed in traffic accidents, and the year before, 2.3 million people were injured in vehicular accidents. Why are these numbers still so astonishingly large? If American roads were as safe as those in Ireland, the number of deaths prevented each year would be nearly the same as stopping all murders in the country. Traffic accident-related deaths and injuries are as bad as ever due to a number of factors. For instance, the rate of motorcyclists dying on the roadways has more than doubled since the 90s. There are more roads, yes, but 31 states don’t require adult bikers to wear helmets. Speed limits are

    Jul 06,
    - by Michael
  • A study co-sponsored by the New Jersey Division of Highway Traffic Safety of 1,002 NJ drivers, found that drivers with longer commutes are less likely than drivers with shorter commutes to drive safely. Commuters with longer drives tended to talk on the phone more often than commuters with shorter journeys to work, are more likely to speed, and are more likely to rate their driving skills as above average. Additional information regarding this study NJ Road Safety Release can be found on the website.

    Nov 25,
    - by Michael
  • Driver Safety Program By: Rumble Strip 10. As long as you are generally careful, you do not have to worry about other reckless drivers. 99% of accidents are caused by "you" and not "the other guy". It is a known fact. 9. Bicycles are cheaper to operate than motor vehicles so you should swap over anyway. Even if your company is hauling heavy loads, you should still consider changing to a bicycle operation. I have no idea how you would accomplish this, but I am here to discuss safety, not logic. 8. Your company drivers have better things to do. They cannot be taken off the road to attend some useless driver safety course. That will reinforce the notion that

    Jul 14,
    - by Michael
  • Written By: Al Costa In the past weeks we've seen how Brazil has been considering increasing the amount of ethanol mixed in gasoline. The mix, which historically has been at a whopping 25% (the world's largest), is receiving strong pressure from the local sugar cane producers to go to 27.5%, as a means to encourage ethanol sales and thus help a currently depressed industry. To that end, the government asked for studies on the technical impact on engines and asked 10 weeks for it. Surprisingly however, last week it announced the mix would only increase 1% to be just 26%. Producers were outraged to learn that from the local media and asked for a revision. So the government had to

    Jul 11,
    - by Michael

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