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  • When was the last time you reviewed your formal vehicle policy? Is it up to date considering new and developing federal, state and local regulations regarding distracted driving, cell-phone use, anti-idling regulations? Does it include policies that compliment your in-house safety, maintenance, and green-fleet initiatives? Are you sure your drivers understand it? If you don't yet have a written policy, or haven't reviewed your written policy recently, you may be putting your drivers and company at greater risk of fines, higher operating costs, or potential negligent entrustment lawsuits. A written vehicle policy is essential for any company that owns a fleet of vehicles that has drivers on the road, including those that are driving their own personal vehicles on company

    Aug 03,
    - by Michael
  • Injuries account for a considerable percentage of health-related expenses. Safeguarding employees from automobiles crashes makes good sense for businesses; traffic crashes cost companies and employers billions of dollars in direct crash-related costs, such as medical care liability, lost productivity and property damage. Cost-conscious companies and employers would be smart to control costs by providing comprehensive driver safety programs, promoting safe driving practices through sound driver policy and enforcement, educating employees to the dangers of distracted driving, whether or not employees are on the clock. Safeguarding employees from motor vehicle crash injury can be a profitable investment of time and resources. Employers cost associated with motor vehicle crashes fall under two categories - health fringe benefit costs and non fringe benefits

    Mar 14,
    - by Michael
  • In 2013, motor vehicle crashes killed more than 1,600 people and injured 293,000 while they were working. Over half of the injuries forced people to miss work. Overall, on-the-job crash injuries (fatal and non-fatal) amounted to about 7.6% of all crash injuries. Motor vehicle crashes on and off the job cost employers $47.4 billion in 2013. Nearly half of this cost resulted from off-the-job injuries to workers and their dependents. The remainder resulted from on-the-job crashes. The report also found that employer-paid medical costs per employee injured in a crash were nearly double in on-the-job crashes where the employee wasn't wearing a seat belt and were increased by a third for off-the-job crashes. "When people think of the human and

    Mar 09,
    - by Michael
  • The National Safety Council (NSC) recently released a report outlining the finding of their latest study. From January to June of this year, the total number of motor-vehicle deaths was at 18,630, a 14% increase from the last 6 months of 2014. The NSC believes there are a number of factors behind these statistics. Firstly, the NSC says that the increase in fatalities might have something to do with lower gas prices. Gas prices have averaged 30% less than last year, a number that has contributed to more vehicles being on the road. The NSC goes on to say that gas prices and the economy are interconnected, and they aren't able to determine if an improving economy might have something

    Oct 05,
    - by Michael
  • At its latest meeting, the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) elected Jana Simpler as Chair. She has been the Director of the Delaware Office of Highway Safety since 2010, and she has served for both the Association's Executive Board and the Federal Relations Committee. In response to an increase of almost 10 percent in roadway deaths during the first quarter of 2015, Simpler plans to focus on driver behavior in traffic crashes and fatalities. She plans to explore alternatives in automated enforcement technology to reduce speeding and prevent red light running. Altogether, Simpler believes that a collaborative approach will yield best results. By enacting and enforcing stricter laws, public education, and partnerships between the private and public sectors, Simpler hopes

    Oct 01,
    - by Michael

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