With almost 10,000 fleet vehicles, pest control company Terminix has taken safety incredibly seriously. All vehicles combined travel almost 250 million miles per year, which creates a breeding ground for accidents.

Luckily, Craig Torrance, Vice President of environmental health and safety and service, says safety is a core value. “Priorities change, but a value as important as employee safety can never come off the table,” says Torrance. “Terminix recognizes that a world-class company must have a world-class safety program. The safety culture of a mobile fleet has proved vital to the operational success of high-performing, efficient, and profitable companies. We expect the same.”

To ensure the safety of their drivers,

the company has laid out a 4-step safety program. Pre-screening is a part of their hiring process. Terminix looks at driving records to assure that it meets their standards. Next, the company has their drivers participate in driver safety training, covering skill-based areas and feedback on each individual’s driving. Periodically, the company conducts driver reviews to make sure everyone is driving safely. One of the most important parts of their program is their regular maintenance. Preventative maintenance can prevent a great deal of accidents.

Along with this system, Terminix also observes collisions and categorizes them as preventable and non-preventable. Torrance says “all of these aspects ensure we have the best drivers operating safe and efficient vehicles that help ensure customer service commitments are met.” Setting a certain standard for all drivers helps protect their fleet from accidents, which is especially important considering this fleet in particular carries chemicals in their vehicles,

Their most recent addition to this program rewards drivers for upstanding records. During their Leadership Summit, the company released their safety recognition program. It is designed to reward and acknowledge those who are driving safely. One lucky employee with more than 40 years of safe driving received a brand-new Ford F-150. They are said to be always looking for new opportunities to reward their drivers.

Companies with fleet drivers can learn a thing or two from Terminix.  Driver Safety is critical when it comes to having a culture of safety. As reported by the CDC, motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of work-related deaths in the USA, regardless of the type of business. ​By rewarding their safe drivers, and taking the precautions to ensure their safety, they have created a culture of safety that excites and benefits their associates, their most important assets.

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