Simpler Elected to Chair the Governors Highway Safety Association

At its latest meeting, the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) elected Jana Simpler as Chair. She has been the Director of the Delaware Office of Highway Safety since 2010, and she has served for both the Association’s Executive Board and the Federal Relations Committee.

In response to an increase of almost 10 percent in roadway deaths during the first quarter of 2015, Simpler plans to focus on driver behavior in traffic crashes and fatalities. She plans to explore alternatives in automated enforcement technology to reduce speeding and prevent red light running.

Altogether, Simpler believes that a collaborative approach will yield best results. By enacting and enforcing stricter laws, public education, and partnerships between the private and public sectors, Simpler hopes to make changes in roadway safety.

The GHSA is a non-profit association that represents the highway offices of all U.S. states and territories. Together, the council forges paths for higher traffic safety, better program management, and best practices. This year’s officers will include Vice Chair Harris Blackwood, Director of the Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety; Secretary Darrin Grondel, Director of the Washington Traffic Safety Commission, and Treasurer Bill Bell, Director of the Kentucky Office of Highway Safety.

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