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  • Does your HR Wellness & Benefits Program address the most dangerous activity your employees do every day? According to the U.S. Census Bureau, in 2013, 76.4% of workers 16 years and older drove alone on their commute to and from work, and another almost 10% carpooled. As something that most do every single day, Driver Safety seems to be overlooked when it comes to other Wellness Programs. Most HR Wellness Programs focus on individual health, including healthy eating and regular exercise, and some incorporate financial and emotional wellness. ​ Recent studies have shown that workers stress over their finances while at work, and that stress carries on through their commute home. Over-worrying can dominate thought and cause distraction for your

    Aug 11,
    - by Michael
  • A study co-sponsored by the New Jersey Division of Highway Traffic Safety of 1,002 NJ drivers, found that drivers with longer commutes are less likely than drivers with shorter commutes to drive safely. Commuters with longer drives tended to talk on the phone more often than commuters with shorter journeys to work, are more likely to speed, and are more likely to rate their driving skills as above average. Additional information regarding this study NJ Road Safety Release can be found on the website.

    Nov 25,
    - by Michael

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