According to the National Safety Council, the leading cause of workplace deaths is car crashes. The most recent report notes that in 2012, there were 2.3 million collisions that caused injuries, of which 33,561 were fatalities.

These statistics don’t include commuting to and from work. However, when we factor that in, the total loss in wages and productivity is estimated at $380 billion.

Driver safety programs like BrightFleet can reduce collisions. Providing a safer work environment is something that’s not only common sense, but can be good business sense as well, resulting in lower insurance costs, fewer lost man-hours, reduced risk of losing key people, and reduction in corporate liability.

For many of us, the last formal training in vehicle safety was likely high school. For those older or born in rural areas, driving skills may have been taught by dad, mom or an older sibling. In today’s congested high-speed roadways, effective driver training is now a necessary survival skill.

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