If you drive for work, either in your own car or in a fleet vehicle, you work in one of the most dangerous “offices” around.

In 2011 the total unintentional injury related deaths in the US attributed to driving for work was 1,603 – roughly 70% of the total number of 2,306 work-related deaths, according to the 2013 National Safety Council Injury Facts report.

The “good” news is that you are less likely to be injured while driving for work vs injuring yourself doing other things at work. Only 100,000 of the 4.9 million injuries on the job in 2011 were driving related.

Work related motor vehicle injuries still cost a staggering $22.3 billion when considering administrative expense ($12.1 billion), wage and productivity losses ($4.2 billion), medical expenses ($3.2 billion), motor vehicle damage ($2.4 billion), and employers’ related uninsured costs ($0.4 billion).

What is your company doing to minimize the risk to your drivers – both the “grey fleet” and the company owned vehicle drivers?

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