MIT Researchers Predict Red-Light Runners at Intersections

From: Science News >> Technology In 2008, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 2.3 million automobile crashes occurred at intersections across the United States, resulting in some 7,000 deaths. More than 700 of those fatalities were due to drivers running red lights. But, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, half of [...]

MIT Researchers Predict Red-Light Runners at Intersections2017-10-31T21:05:07+00:00

U.S. DOT Issues New Distracted Driving Guidelines for In-vehicle Technologies

During a press conference on Feb. 16, the U.S. Secretary of Transportation Ray Lahood, and the National Transportation Safety Administration's (NHTSA) Administrator David Strickland, presented new proposed guidelines designed to encourage automakers to limit the risk of driver distraction when using communications, navigation, and entertainment technologies built into vehicles. The first phase of the guidelines [...]

U.S. DOT Issues New Distracted Driving Guidelines for In-vehicle Technologies2017-10-31T21:05:07+00:00

The Intangible Costs of Collisions

Last week I was talking with a fleet safety manager about the intangible costs of collisions at work. At BrightFleet we often create an ROI analysis for qualified and interested prospects in order to provide them the financial information that they need to determine in our driver safety training product is a good fit for [...]

The Intangible Costs of Collisions2017-10-31T21:05:07+00:00

For Whom The Bill Tolls

I was listening to a bit of the "Lockridge Report" on Sirius radio while at the office this afternoon I heard, for the first time, of a likely amendment to the MAP 21 surface transportation bill (S. 1813) - which proposes to greatly expand tolling on existing interstate highways. While it may not be so [...]

For Whom The Bill Tolls2017-10-31T21:05:08+00:00

The 2012 Fleet Forum – A Vendor’s Perspective

We arrived home from the FleetForum in Bonita Springs, FL late last Friday, and it's taken a few days just to decompress. I've been to many trade shows, Rachel and Janet have been to scores more. We all agree that we've never been to a "trade show" like this ever before. Instead of the standard [...]

The 2012 Fleet Forum – A Vendor’s Perspective2017-10-31T21:05:08+00:00

Driver Selection Tests and Measurement – Research

Today the Transportation Research Board of the National Academies announced the availability of CTBSSP Commercial Truck and Bus Safety Synthesis Report 21 titled "Driver Selection Tests and Measurement", a 98-page review of the latest research available on the subject, including 9 case studies spanning a range of carriers - from large truckload fleets, to small [...]

Driver Selection Tests and Measurement – Research2017-10-31T21:05:08+00:00
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