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LMS_Classes_SM-287x300 About UsDefensive Fleet Driver Risk-Mitigation Training

Driving behavior contributes to over 90% of vehicle collisions and up to 33% of fuel consumption.

Over 1 million drivers world-wide have benefited from this web-based driver improvement program that offers participants intensive defensive driver training that is challenging, substantive, fun, and most importantly, builds skills that improves driver performance.

The program is not trying to teach anyone to drive. Instead, the focus is on reinforcing the need to drive safely. The modular design of the driver training component of the program allows clients to build a training regime that is right for their organization’s specific needs. This is done by targeting the fleet’s top crash causes. In small, high-impact bites, drivers can take charge of their own development.

The fact that this computer-based training (CBT) program utilizes full-motion real-life video footage is an important reason why it is so effective. Adults have clearly told us that they do not respect training programs that resemble cartoons (i.e. computer generated animation), which is the format that has been adopted by our competitors.

Professionally Developed, Effective Online TrainingMirrors-1-300x209 About Us

This training content was created with the help of a specific group of professionals called Instructional Designers. These professionals specialize in adult learning theory and how to maximize the efficiency of training content. What they told us is that not all adults learn the same. The three leading adult learning styles include: those who learn best through reading comprehension, those who relate to information strongly through statistical figures, numbers and graphs, and lastly individuals who learn best through a combination of audio and video. This training has adopted these learning styles and incorporated them into all of the training programs. The end result is comprehensive training programs that are very engaging and memorable.

Pulse Training

Our clients commonly run their training programs annually. This includes the Hazard Perception Evaluation used once a year, in combination with baseline training modules assigned with different due dates weeks apart to reduce overload and maximize retention. It has been proven that delivering training in smaller portions, rather than all at once leads to better overall retention and stronger permanent learning effects. We recommend training on a monthly basis to keep safety at the forefront throughout the year. The program is flexible enough to customize training to fit an organizations needs, whether that be monthly, bi-monthly, or weekly, we can meet their particular training needs.

The system automatically corresponds via email with trainees that have overdue lessons, and this subtle reminder has significantly improved compliance.

Global Solutions

This fleet risk management program is available in 40 countries around the world. This allows companies with fleet vehicles spread across several countries to deploy a consistent training regime and all the reporting and tracking required. Now, company administrators can implement a fleet risk management program for their entire fleet company wide without language barriers. This multilingual user interface has been developed with driver training professionals from each specific country, this allows for an unparalleled experience for the trainee.

The international language pack is the result of years of engineering development and meticulous implementation of input and suggestions from clients all over the world. We can now offer a worldwide user base this technologically advanced, user-friendly fleet risk management tool in their local language. The multimedia development team spent months traveling from country to country compiling hours and hours of local film content that is used for each training module, giving our training modules the most authentic look and feel possible.

With these localized versions of training modules, customers in countries speaking those languages can easily learn and take advantage of this powerful training program, which is used by more than 500,000 drivers worldwide. By introducing this fleet risk management program in local languages we are bringing international users a considerable productivity boost. Having the training content in the local language allows administrators to train, track and report on all driver training activity company wide.

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